About The Consultant Pro

Why We Are The Best!

Hitting Moving Targets

Our Job Is To Make IT Think, Talk And Perform Like A Business. We Transform Rigid Technology Architecture And “High Ceremony” Development Processes. In Doing So, We Make Your Enterprise More Reactive, More Capable Of Hitting Fast Moving Business Targets.

Free Yourself

Our Experience Has Shown That Open Technologies Have Come Of Age And Are Now Well Suited To Mission-Critical Applications. Of Course, Just Because A Technology Is Open Doesn’t Mean It’s Good. That’s Why We Use Our Open Technology Lab To Test, Vet And Certify The Solutions We Use.

We Don’t Learn At Your Expense

In The Comparatively Young Fields Of Agile Methodologies And Open Technologies We Are Seasoned Experts. This Wealth Of Experience And Knowledge Ensures That Our Solutions Work The Way We Say They Will.

Our Projects Start With An End

An Unfinished Project Is A Useless Project. A Money Pit. An Albatross. That’s Why We Enter Every Engagement With Our Eyes Fixed On The Exit Sign. We Finish What We Start And Give You The Keys To Be Self Sufficient.

IT Strategy To Fit Your Needs

Although Every Problem A Client Is Tackling Is Unique, We Approach Most Consultancy Tasks In A Consistent Way So That You Can Be Confident Of Gaining Value. Usually, We Start By Discovering More About The Challenge You Are Facing, Before Moving Into Specific Actions And Workshops Depending On Your Needs, Which Will Fit In To One Of Our Key Offerings.

Our Consultancy Can Add Value To Your Business

Our Reputation For Honesty Extends To Turning Down Consultancy Work Rather Than Struggling To Undertake A Task We Aren’t Capable Of Delivering.

Our Deep Understanding Of Project Delivery Means We Can Add More Value To Your Business Through A Successful Project Than Management Consultants Could.

The Online BusinessConsulting Includes

  • Business Planning AndStrategy
  • New Business Researchand Ideas
  • Business Management AndAutomation
  • Customer, Sale, Profit,Revenue Boosting
  • EBusiness, ECommerce AndOnline Business Development
  • Accounting, CustomerRelation Management, Human Resources Management
  • Business ProcessManagement And Monitoring
  • Finding AlternativeSource Of Customer And Sale
  • Franchise, Affiliate And Re-Seller Management

Our Services Are Competitively Priced, Whilst Bringing Real Value And Return On Investment. These Include Business Planning, Business Development, Business Strategy, Online Marketing, Supply Chain Management, EBusiness (ECommerce), Internet Marketing .

Chitrangana® Business Has Supported Client Growth In Diverse And Challenging India And International Markets, Often In Difficult Trading Conditions – Such As The Current Economic Turns. Our Clients Include Commercial Businesses, Public Sector Agencies, Universities, Colleges, Not For Profit Companies, Social Enterprises And Charities.

Our Approach Is Relationship Driven – We Regard Ourselves Both As Consultant And Partner, And Geared To Provide You With Positive Outcomes At All Stages Of Our Relationship.

Everyone Has An Electric Bill Right? But Your Really Just Renting Your Electricity. If You Talk To Any Financial Adviser They Will Tell You It Is Better To Own Then To Rent 99 Times Out Of 100 Because Of The Equity You Get Out Of It. Most People Think You Cant Get Solar For A Reasonable Price, But What If We Told You There Is A Company Out There That Has Found A Way To Allow You To Pay Almost The Same Amount Or In Some Cases Less Then What Your Already Paying For Electricity? It Gets Even Better Because You Will Own Your Electricity And You Will Have A Set Payment Each Month. So As The Utility Companies Continue To Raise Prices Around 8% A Year You Will Be Locked In To A Set Rate With No Changes And No Hidden Fees. This Gives You A Known Bill Amount Verses An Unknown Amount.

Business Consulting

We Havea Reputation Amongst Our Clients And Partners For Professional, Friendly Service And Total Customer Focus Which Is Unparalleled By Competitors. Inaddition To The Services Listed Above, We Provide Business Consultancy Servicescovering Procurement, Quality Management Systems, Customer Service, Board Andbusiness Team Development. Please Don’t Hesitate To Telephone Or Email Forfurther Information.

Health and Wellness

You’ve Probably Come To This Website Because You’re Looking For New Ways To Increase Your Business On The Internet.

We Provide Consultation For Online Advertising With Ethical Ideas, Profitable Advertising Solution, Transparent Statistics And Value For Money.

Followings Are Few Internet Marketing Options @

  • Search Engine Advertising (Advertisement With Google,Yahoo,Bing Search Reults. )
  • Social Media Advertising ( Advertisement On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • E-Mail Marketing (Bulk Emails To New And Existing Customers)
  • Mobile Advertising (Unique Ideas For Mobile Advertising)
  • Search Engine Optimization (No.1 Ranking Of Web Site On Search Engine; Like Google)
  • Affiliate Marketing (No Waste Of Money,Pay For Actual Lead Only.)
  • Franchise Development(Lets People Work For You, We Will Help You To Build Online Franchises)
  • Online Press Release (Make Quick Attention Via Online PR)
  • Audio/ Video Marketing (Comparison To TV And Radio Very Cost Effective Solution And Effective)
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